Get a Grip on Your Online Rep

The internet is full of information on every subject…including YOUR business.  So, what does your social media presence saying about you right now?  With nearly 80% of people researching businesses online before they ever even make contact with you the need to have a positive and respectable online presence is a must.  Doing nothing only leaves you open to the posts from the Negative Netties out there – and remember Murphy’s Law, if it can go wrong it will!

So What’s the first step you ask?  GET A GRIP on your virtual rep by connecting with Elite Enterprises of Oklahoma and outsourcing your social media reputation with them to polish and promote your business the way you envision it should.  By using Outsource2Elite you can expect the following:

  • More owned listings in search results such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well as local resources including Angie’s List and Google Places.
  • Professional writing articles designed to build trust and show your expertise
  • Online Reviews from your customers about the service you provide through pages like Yelp and GooglePlaces
  • Pro-active responses to negative publicity or comments.  Doing nothing shows a lack of care on your part about your business.

While it’s true you can’t control the words people spill out in the virtual world, you can absolutely influence their impression when they see it.  Take advantage of Elite Enterprises professional services and allow us to be a complement to the outstanding customer service you already provide in order to build confidence in your business brand.


About outsource2elite

Elite Enterprises of Oklahoma is an expanding corporation purposed to meet business needs as an outsourcing agent. We provide quality services from individuals who specialize in specific areas of need to assist companies in start-up, expansion, or crunch times. Some of our areas of service include Virtual Staffing, Social Media Marketing, Accounting Services, Web Design & Hosting, Photography/Videography, Business Planning/Consulting and more! If you have the need, we have the solution!

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